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Strawberry self picking fields are closed for this season. The Strawberry fields will be open again in season 2022. 

 Pick Your Own Strawberries 

Strawberry self picking  -  an adventure with the whole family

Give it a Go and pick as many strawberries as you like. Of course you are more than welcome to taste a few.

1. Bring a basket, bowl or a bucket along to help saving resources

If you forgot yours, no worries you can also purchase baskets at the field

2.  PYO - Strawberries 

Pick as many strawberries as you like

3.  Go to our beautiful staff and find out how many you picked - Are you Strawesome

Tip:  On very hot days it is recommended to bring sunscreen, water and a hat.
Corona Tip: Please bring a mask

Find the nearest strawberry field here.

 Open 7 days a week (during strawberry season)

Have fun and enjoy your day out and about - Stay safe Rebecca, Alex, Peter & Kathrin

Are you Strawesome?

Pick more than 5kg's of Strawberries and pay not only a lower fee but also take an amazing price home

*the price is designed for kids only


About us

Erdbeerland Funck is a family run and owned business. Our goal is to produce local fresh asparagus and luscious strawberries for the people within the Palatinate and Saarland region. This means, we grow, harvest and retail our products by ourselves.

The Products & Their Seasons

  • Asparagus are in season end of March/ begin of April until End of June 
  •  Strawberries are in season end of April until end of September
  • Raspberries are in season end of Mai until mid of July
  •  Blueberries are in season begin of June until end of July

 White asparagus - What is it?

 White asparagus is a german speciality. If you ever spend springtime in Germany you got to try it.

How to prepare fresh white asparagus?

1. Peel every single asparagus shoot thouroughly. Beginning about 3cm below the tip  and peel to the bottom of the shoot.

2. After you have checked every shoot for remaining peel you can cut if necessary the bottom 0.5cm off the shoot. This gives the asparagus a fresh cut. It serves also as a check for remaining peel along the asparagus.

 3. Take a deep pan or a roasting pan as long as your asparagus shoots. Place the asparagus into a roasting pan filled with as much water as needed to just cover the asparagus. Add some salt and a table spoon of butter.

4.  Boil the asparagus on low heat until they're "al dente" (firm but not too soft)

TiPP: Add some ginger to the asparagus while cooking to remove potential bitterness. The asparagus is a natural wild plant, which carries many healthy substances and vitamins, and also can randomly taste bitter seldomly.

      You own your own Restaurant?

We peel the asparagus for you!

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